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Coaches and parents are asked to submit special accomplishments to be considered for weekly recognition.  COACHES, if you would like to submit a student for consideration, please have the PARENT complete the below form. You can supply them any specific event / performance details to be included.  We require that all forms are completed by a respective parent and that by doing so, they grant approval to have their child(ren) name/school/image/performance posted for weekly recognition.      

We are looking for all types of recognition.  So, this is not just for those who may often win - this is also for those who come in last but who also are showing great improvements.  We would like to recognize all hard working students who are deserving.

Nominate Athlete

Thank you for your submission. We will be in touch with you for more details if your athlete is selected. Remember, we can't accept everyone. We do ask that you continue to nominate students for special accomplishments. Not just event champions, but we are interested in students that are also making great strides in track and field, even if they are last in a race. We would like to consider all athletes who are worthy of recognition.

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