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Thank you for contributing to the Nightfall Classic Cross Country Meets with your sponsorship/contribution.

Watch this VIDEO first, then insert your child(rens) Smiling faces with the many others who look forward to this favorite event of the season.

Ways to Sponsor/Contribute

  • Click HERE and simply contribute any amount you would like.

  • Click HERE and Sponsor a Light Tower.

(These are sponsorships or contributions - the events are not a non profit)

How will these sponsorships/contributions be used?

  • Purchase AED machine(s)

  • Light tower rental and hauling/semi/freight expense

  • Replace worn rope lights for the course

  • Purchase additional fun lighting for the runners/spectators

  • Contributions to EMS when we receive coverage

  • Athletic trainers fees

  • Property rental for event sites

  • Bathrooms

  • Paint to mark the courses

  • Gas for light towers 

  • Travel to/from events site for set up

  • Many other small/continuous expenses 

Light tower.jpg

In Kind Contribution

There are a number of ways we could use In Kind contributions as well. So, if you have connections to the following areas, please feel free to contact us. 

  • We have to transport the light towers to the various locations so we would definitely consider in kind gift of free transport if a qualified/insured carrier has an empty load one way etc.

  • UTV - we need/use five UTV/Work vehicles for moving light towers around the course as well as all of the other course lights/markings/fence posts etc.  If you know/work/own or have connections with a dealer that would consider use of some UTV/Work vehicles for about two hours of use during a 36 hour time span - please let us know.

  • If you or someone you know is an MD, nurse or EMS certified, with the ability to make themselves available during the event, we would like to add that to our events.  This would be someone that could have a golf cart and radio contact if assistance is ever needed.  For the most part though, we would just like them to enjoy the races and again, be on call and/or their presence known at the event if needed.  Please contact if you are this person or know someone.  

Contact me at if you can assist with any of these In Kind contributions in 2023 or for 2024.

Thank you in advance.

semi lights 2.webp
First Aid.png

Transport of Equipment

UTV Use for Events

MD, Nurse, EMS Volunteers

Just one of the events we host at adesports - please take a look.


​Located in Oshkosh, WI and Everywhere Else. Coming to an event near you soon.

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